04 March 2024

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ANEKA LTD with its specialized personnel, focuses its activities on the study, design and construction of Energy projects.

Particularly in cases of photovoltaic and wind farms, our company, after an autopsy on the site of the installation, it is capable of making an analytical design of the plant (both econometric and application study). Our comapny emphasising on quality, it selects the most suitable materials in order to optimise the price - performance ratio, it calculates the optimum positions for the bases and the optimal slopes for the PV panels, the cross-sectios of the cables, the electrical panels, the earthing, the monitoring system, the alarm and the closed monitoring system of the installation site.

The whole construction of the project is carried out by fully equipped and specialized personnel of the company, with the supervision of appropriately trained and experienced engineers. The quality and the organization of the construction, allow ANEKA to provide appropriate guarantees for the time of project's delivery, the optimal application of the design and the best assembance of the equipment.



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