04 March 2024

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Aneka's significant know-how in a wide range of renewable energy projects, along with experienced staff, can provide complete and flexible maintenance contracts, in order to cover all needs, from basic daily monitoring and preventive maintenance, to complete investment management. Thus, ANEKA is able to ensure high energy yields of the PV plant, demanding zero effort from the owner's side.

O&M contracts may include:

  • Daily monitoring and immediate customer information in case of fault or PV shutdown.
  • Customer systematic information about issues concerning PV efficiency, with monthly reports including recorded energy production and efficiency, maintenance works or possible faults etc.
  • Systematic preventive maintenance visits, with PV equipment check.
  • Direct intervention in case of any fault in the PV station, according to specific response time.
  • Guaranteed yearly availability.
  • Grass cut, and PV field cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the PV panels, using deionized water.
  • PV plant security.
  • ISOBOX cleaning.
  • Complete Investment management, icluding invoice issuing for produced energy.

During one of the preventive maintenance visits the following tasks are going to be performed:

  • Bolt tightening of the electromechanical equipment (pv panels, mounting system, DC/AC boards) and lubrication of moving parts, in case of PV with trackers
  • Check of the mounting system and grounding connections.
  • Thermographic testing of the DC/AC boards.
  • PV string measurements.
  • Riso measurements at the inverter power cabes.
  • Earth resistance measurements and check of the lightning protection system.
  • Inverter operation testing.
  • Inverters' datalogger check.
  • Check of the lights, safety and remote monitoring systems.


Moreover, for PV plants (>100kW) connected directly to MV grid, maintenance schedule should include substation check, with:

  • Busbar and MV terminal check
  • Cleaning and testing of the MV switchgears and switch disconnector.
  • Check of the MV protection relay, measurement instrument and UPS
  • Test for automatic restart of the park in case of disconnection from the MV circuit breaker.
  • Transformer cleaning and bolt tightening.
  • TF temperature, oil level and oil leak checking.
  • Check of silica gel and replacement if needed.
  • Substation earth resistance measurement.
  • Measurement of the TF winding resistance and winding Riso measurement.
  • Lighting and ventilation testing and substation cleaning.



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